About us

What is Aphva?
Aphva means: “Association for the Protection of Heritage and vulnerable Architecture”.

And what is the meaning of that?
We are a Potsdam based organization, which has the goal to protect and maintain endagenered heritage and vulnerabe architecture worldwide. We also aim at practicing cultural exchange and peaceful cooperation between peoples.

And what do you need this for?
Cultural assets are a material and immaterial treasure of the people of the world. Traditional building methods are in decline, because they are threatened by industrial processes or are more and more forgotten. We try to encounter both processes with our actions.

Who are “we”?
We come from the most diverse professional areas. For example, civil engineers, conservationists, craftsmen, restorers and architects. But also anyone who can contribute to the common goal.

And how do you deal with this?
Our future focus will be on international projects. We are sending off interdisciplinary teams to carry out targeted and practice-oriented measures.

For example?
For example, 3D-measurement of decaying earth buildings in Morocco. But many other projects are currently waiting in the wings (also on a local level).

Can I join?
You can contact us via our contact form and apply for membership.

Can I become a sponsor?
Yes! Please click the “Support Us” Button on our website for more information.

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